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Ruehl volunteered at Covenant House and saw firsthand—and was humbled by—the vulnerability, the longing, and the indomitable spirit in that sprawling world of so-called “lost children.”the 1990s on the front lines of Covenant House’s work with homeless and trafficked children before he was appointed by New Jersey’s governor as the state’s first Child Advocate.

Covenant House is the largest“Jailing underage prostituted children and teenagers doesn't solve the problem of sexual exploitation; it's the johns, gangs, cartels, and pimps who buy them and sell them who need to be identified, punished, jailed, fined, and, if they use the bodies of minors, placed on sex offender lists.”Activist, poet, and hip hop artist, Renan Salgado is a Human Trafficking Specialist at the Worker Justice Center of New York.

After careers in corporate law and investment banking and a lengthy sabbatical to raise her children and pursue volunteer work for various human rights organizations, Lynn Savarese finally turned to her passion— photography—several years ago.

In addition to commercial work and fine arts pursuits, she works closely with not-for-profit organizations to help further their missions through strategic photography projects.

As Senator, he fought for the Act’s successful reauthorization in 20 and for the provision of STOP grants, which allow local communities to prosecute batterers more effectively and aid victims by maintaining battered women’s Judge Toko Serita is a leading judicial advocate in the criminal justice system addressing the problem of sex trafficking.

She presides over the innovative and pioneering Queens Human Trafficking Intervention Court, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and which—under the leadership of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman—has served as a model for the creation in 2013 of eleven Trafficking Intervention Courts throughout New “We know that sex trafficking often increases during big games.

The adult industry is the platform being used today that tells our culture it is acceptable to view our sons and daughters as products rather than persons of real value.”up to powerful interests on behalf of everyday New Yorkers.

Under his leadership, the Attorney General’s Office Initiative to Combat Sex and Labor Trafficking has implemented a working group to investigate potential cases, prosecute perpetrators, and connect survivors with service providers who specialize in their unique needs.

Violence Against Women Act, which provides federal support to local communities to bolster law enforcement efforts aimed at stopping domestic violence, while expanding counseling and shelter services.

In his 2004 book Think Like a Billionaire, Mr Trump wrote: “Don’t take vacations. If you’re not enjoying your work, you’re doing the wrong job.” He tweeted the quote in 2012 as part of a long string of attacks on Mr Obama’s vacation habits.

“Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the US, President Obama spent the day playing golf? In a similar attack two years earlier, he tweeted: “President Obama's vacation is costing taxpayers millions of dollars - unbelievable! Mr Trump's trips have already cost the taxpayer m (£22.9m) on private travel to his estates, according an estimate from the liberal think tank, Center for American Progress.

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